Seneshal Badge

Seneschal – (acts as the legal representative of a branch)
Contact: Lady Esperanza de Cordoba
Term ends: 10/2022

exchequer badge

Chancellor of the Exchequer – (treasurer)
Contact: Lady Uaine as Ar n-Eilean-ne
Term ends:

A&S badge

Arts and Sciences– (Encourages and assists with activities within the arts and sciences)
Contact:  Lady Freida Ocoilean
 Term ends: 10/2022

knight marshal badge

Knight Marshall – (Oversees those involved in heavy armoured fighting)
Contact: Lord Edmund Woderose
Term ends: 01/2021

Chatelaine Badge

Chatelaine – (Welcomes and assists newcomers to the SCA)
Contact: Lord Hugh of Ruantallan
Term ends: 10/2022

webminister badge

Webminister– (maintains the website for the canton)
Contact: Lord Oliver Peren
Term ends: 02/2023